‘Journeys’: The Beginning

‘Change is the only constant in life.’

These words are ringing in my head, carrying the truest meaning they ever have in my 22 years. Not only am I now a college graduate, looking for my first “real” job, I am finally able to take true control of my life and pursue all the goals I dreamed and schemed in school.

That’s partially why I’m beginning this blog: I need to hold myself accountable for my future while also documenting the journeys I take to get there. As such, this site will act both as professional portfolio and journal.

I’ve attempted to keep written journals before, but small reasons (indecisiveness, forgetfulness, hand cramps, etc.) have consistently foiled these efforts. I feel much better about my ability to update this site because I was able to create it. No, I didn’t code it, but it didn’t exist until I spent hours in front of my computer, clicking on random buttons just to see what happened → obviously the most fun way to learn.

I’m excited to begin documenting these various journeys. I hate talking about myself generally, but hey, this is my space of the inter-webs so…whatever.

Professionally, I hope to be able to polish my writing skills and showcase my work and experience to colleagues and employers. Otherwise, I don’t really care if anyone visits the site or not; my number one priority here is to impress myself–

And I’m not easy to impress. I’ve been stressing about this first post, knowing I will look back on it years later, probably laughing at the recent grad who doesn’t even have a job yet (I’m currently looking *wink, wink*). The saving grace here is that I laugh at most things. Sarcasm, wit, and humor run are pretty much written in my DNA.

I do love sharing my work and passions: P.R., design, travel, (pop) culture, and life. Of course, that list consists of my current interests. Who knows what I’ll be in to writing about even six months from now. Again, change is the only constant…

But I’m always ready to jump into the next journey or adventure, so here we go. If you’ve read this entire post, thanks! I’ve got my artsy pic at the top, my work uploaded, my fair share of life’s ups and downs, and ambition to find my true voice through these journeys.

So, here goes something.

Screenshot (59)

^Look at how many times I used the word “journeys.” That’s what you get for coming to the site of someone with a BA in Communications and Psychology, kids.

What do you think?

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