Where I’ve Been: Art/Design

As I’m beginning a new chapter of my life, and literally a new website, it’s prime time to reflect back on pieces of the past which led up to the present: most notably, for this post, the evolution of my love for art and design.

Art and 2-D design has always been a sort of passion of mine and art classes were my favorites throughout grade school. A good ol’ number 2 pencil on any kind of paper was my preferred medium. As a kid, I drew all the time and I still have all those old sketchbooks – they’re good for the occasional, nostalgic laugh.

In addition, I loved those light boxes, the ones used for tracing, because I could learn how to draw anything that seemed too complex to eye-ball. If I traced something enough, my motor memory would kick in and pretty soon I would be able to free-hand.

Thanks to upper-level art classes (most notably AP 2-D Art my senior year of high school), I learned to break down complex objects into geometric components, and add detail from there. This AP class also broke me out of my pencil-and-paper rut, pushing me into the loving arms of illustration board and Prismacolor markers. A quick foray into the 2-D work I’ve posted shows how obsessed I was with this medium. I still would be too, if I had tubs of school-supplied markers at my disposal.

High School Graduation Drawing
High School Graduation

My concentration of illustrations, portraits, and a ‘piece with a message’ helped me earn a final score of 4 out of 5 possible points. I finished senior year by designing and drawing the logo for the graduation programs, and then it was on to Butler and digital work.

White Figure Sketch
Five-minute figure sketch

Junior year of college I was thrown into Adobe programs for the first time, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I literally made a pattern of white, grey, and black “x’s” and felt so accomplished.

During my internships at Christel House and Butler Marketing, I was able to get in some more digital practice. This led to a renovation of my personal logo (the one currently in use on my resume ← check it out if you haven’t had a chance yet) and the creation of my first online portfolio. I still love the moving background…a lot.

New and improved

I opted for a portfolio on Wix at first because I didn’t think I was capable of handling WordPress yet – oh boy, was I wrong. Lesson learned: don’t underestimate yourself and don’t make excuses about your ability when the real factors at play are time and motivation.

I love keeping my old work to look back on, especially when I can compare it to my new stuff. Seeing progress in composition, quality, and complexity is a special, personal reward. As I wrote in my last post: I’m out to impress myself, and that isn’t easy. Just this morning, this whole site looked completely different. I wasn’t satisfied yet so it was overhauled in about 4 hours of continuous work until it was up to the quality I want my name to be associated with.

Some might call that obsessive, but I see it as every hour I put in now, the hours I put in in the future will result in a more polished and prime product in the end.

While I am at my best today, I know I can be better tomorrow. The future isn’t a peak to work towards, it is a network of stepping stones perpetually leading to something better.

Here’s to the future and to past that gets us there!


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