Top 5: Why I Love Communications

Yeah, we all know list articles are cliché at this point. Yet here you are, and here are the top 5 reasons I love this field.

#1. Creativity

If you know me, this should come as no surprise. Doing something never done before and thinking outside of the box – these are my motivations. If I had to sum up the creative process, I would describe it as, “putting my brain on paper.” Imagining something and then actually producing it, making it real, is always exciting to me.

So, when a campaign is needed, I love brainstorming the different tactics and messages for various audiences. It even requires creativity to account for and research each of these audiences – it saturates every step of the communication process and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Communications can be…out there

#2. Sharing

In many ways, sharing is the second piece of creating. You can definitely produce a work and keep it to yourself, but it is so much more fun to share it with others. Not only will someone else’s appreciation act as encouragement, often the best ideas for improvement come from an outside source.

In the case of P.R. and advertising, sharing is everything. Being able to engage an audience and present them with new ideas is a huge draw for me. Getting someone to engage with what you have to say is thrilling. This is true even if there is disagreement or opposition, because you can learn from constructive criticism. Plus if there are trolls, you win because you shared and elicited a reaction. “Joke’s on you, I did my job,” you retort in your head.

#3. Universality

Universality goes along with sharing: communicating is a global phenomenon because otherwise, how would we get anything done? More specifically, communication is universal in P.R./advertising thanks to the fact that every person in the world has thoughts and feelings capable of receiving and understanding messages.

Of course, there are many barriers to communication (political, cultural, geographical, and social; to name a few), yet there is almost always some way to adapt a message into something engaging for a specific public. Since I love traveling and being immersed in different cultures, I am excited to practice communication on a global scale. This field could help me see the world and I’m going to let it.

#4. Impact

While communication is universal, ultimately it doesn’t matter where you share your message if it doesn’t have any influence. I mean…that’s literally the point of communicating. The ability to change minds and hearts is an exciting prospect for me, personally because I feel like I can have a real impact to change the world. And the best part is: you don’t have to change someone’s opinions to be successful.

While this is usually the dream goal – something to perpetually aspire to- your campaign and engagement objectives can be achieved just by getting an audience to simply consider your message: by clicking through, reading a post, or watching a video. Creating an impact is as much of a challenge as you make it to be. Honestly, if you want to make it anywhere, these challenges and your personal growth should be never-ending. Always improving the way I have an impact sounds like the perfect job, in my opinion.

Denny’s social media is the

#5. Voice

Last, but not least (yeah, yeah another cliché). To me, voice is the factor that ties the past four together and keeps your audience coming back for more. Not only does voice dictate how your messages are constructed, it has the ability to make you stand out and make a brand relatable. For this reason, developing my personal brand has been, and will continue to be, a riveting challenge.

As you can tell from the pictures in this entry, my favorite example of voice comes from the Denny’s P.R. team. I’ve eaten at Denny’s about twice in my life, but I follow the company’s tumblr account because their voice is perfectly executed. Of course, not every brand’s voice can’t be fun and quirky, but the flexibility and challenges that come with finding the perfect voice to really lock-in brand loyalty keep me (as a communicator) coming back for more.

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