Prisma: Become an iPhone Artist

Got a selfie you’re really proud of? Think landscape pics taken on your phone are museum quality?

If so, Prisma is the app for you.

Its one and only purpose is to make your photographs into works of art and I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with it. My social media followers and anyone who has talked to me in the past week have been made to suffer my enthusiastic ramblings.

I’m not even sorry.

Now its your turn. Look at what this app has done with some of my favorite pictures. I’ve noted the filter used for each in the captions – just hover your mouse or finger over each to see them.

Landscape/Still life:


The app is free and currently has 35 filters – everything from classical painting styles to modern pop art. As you can tell from the above pictures, I prefer Gothic and Udnie. These give your picture a painted look without changing its colors or focal points.

Another feature lets you scale the filter effects on the photo. While decreasing this percentage can help clear up details when using painted filters, the hand-drawn/black and white filters look best when left alone. If these don’t look good at 100%, you probably want to try another style. I haven’t yet played with running a picture through multiple filters, but it might be interesting to combine a penciled look with a painted filter or vice-versa.

Currently, Prisma only allows square (Instagram-sized) photos and each is automatically stamped with the app’s name in the lower-right corner. This isn’t a big deal currently as you can easily crop it out if it bothers you that much.

Prisma Castle 1
Edinburgh (Udnie)

Another great feature: Prisma automatically presents you with options to save pictures as you go, allowing you to try different filters on the same original photo without having to reload it each time. It also makes it easy to post on Instagram or Facebook because what good are these pictures if you can’t share them?

I hope future updates will make new filters (maybe Picasso?), sizes, and features like the ability to filter panoramas, even live photos, available.

Shout out to Mashable’s Snapstory for introducing me to this app. If you’re in communications I strongly suggest subscribing to their daily news digest.

While you’re at it, follow this blog for other communications-related and entertaining posts and share your Prisma creations with me.

If you’re as excited as I am, you probably stopped reading halfway through this post and have already downloaded the app. Happy filtering!

What do you think?

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