Why Quote Boards Give Me Life

If you’re like most people, you want to remember the good times in life.

If you’re like me, you want to remember the good times in life, but you don’t have the drive to scrapbook or make any contact with the likes of glue or glitter.

Sure, you’ll put pictures into Facebook albums, allowing your friends to troll you years later by making them resurface on your timeline. But this is too simple, you need something more – something that gives you life!

For those people like me, I have the solution: quote boards.

*Angels sing in the background*

Quote boards are the very best way to remember what it really feels like at a certain time in your life. Pictures can capture moments so you can lovingly reminisce. Quote boards dropkick you into the past.

And I mean that in a good way.

If you’ve read this far you’re probably thinking, “Wow! How do I get dropkicked into the past?!” It’s simple: wait for someone to say something shocking, hilarious, inappropriate, or just plain dumb. Then write it down.

Here are a few examples from my past quote boards. They might not make sense to you, but they will still make me laugh when I’m 70:

“This is so wrinkly, I hate myself.”
“I’m going to throw your wine into my mouth and then throw you overboard.”
“This parfait is dope! You want some?”
“My home page is Bing. Fight me.”

Just put a big sheet of construction paper or a whiteboard on the wall of your office, home, cabin, cave – wherever you want, and let it happen. Of course, you’re going to need to be around some fun people to get this thing going.

Also, quote boards are flexible enough to be short-term – make one for your next road trip or vacation. From endless hours in a car to drinks on a cruise ship with your best friends, you’re quote board will become a valuable souvenir.

When quote board is full, get everyone together and revisit all the crazy and out-of-context utterances you’ve shared with one another. Not only is it more entertaining than that slideshow of your aunt’s trip to Cabo, you’ll all realize the deep bond of friendship, trust, and depravity you now share.

A few more examples because I’m feeling nostalgic now:

“Don’t break the wine.”
“Every day is leg day in Russia.”
“I have more pizza places than girls in my contact list.”
“Is this blood or cherry?”

Here’s a pro tip: to best preserve the spirit and quality of a quote board don’t try to be on the quote board. It’s funnier when it’s organic.

And pro tip #2: if a quote is on-the-fence, survey everyone nearby as to whether or not it should be included. We live in a democracy, after all.

If your coworkers, colleagues, friends, or family like to have fun with each other, a quote board can even become a team-building exercise. It’s entertaining enough to be engaging while fostering a culture of trust. Quote boards also create positive reinforcement – I’ve seen it happen in my employees: everyone is really proud when one of their witticisms gets added to the board.

Witticisms like:

“If it’s in, it’s in at this point in my life.”
“I’m trying to deal with these chunks.”
“Mail just blows my mind…”
“I just want to be a badass – that’s the goal.”

Quote boards give me life.

If you’ve done something like this or have a favorite quote let me know in the comments!

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