Touch Screen Creativity: Your Fingers Might Fall Off

Ah, touch screens.

The beautiful simplicity – cutting out the middle-men of mice and buttons that for so long got between us and our digital work spaces. We never knew we needed touch screens until we got them: then there was no going back. Especially for creatives.

While Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard when it comes to creative work, the likes of Photoshop and InDesign aren’t necessarily intuitive for casual users. Meanwhile, Microsoft Paint (even with a touchscreen) is just….eh. Good news though, the void between these programs has been filled: by Bamboo Paper.  

Let your ideas loose

If you’re like me, you’ve drooled over the pricey tablets, styluses, and software produced by digital art leader Wacom, wishing for a cheaper way to indulge your inspiration when it comes. Thankfully, Wacom has granted these wishes and released the Bamboo Paper app for both iOS and Android.

Now you can unlock the true potential of your favorite touchscreen through any creative outlet you choose. With various notebooks, brushes, pens, and other tools, Bamboo Paper allows you to write, draw, or paint until you’ve fleshed out all of your great ideas (or your fingers fall off, whichever comes first).

*No fingers were harmed in the making of this piece*

The app works automatically with any stylus paired to your device – good thing because I’ve preferred using my Surface’s stylus when writing or drawing details (Wacom is also happy to sell you one of their fancy styluses).

Not only are there different ways to mark up each digital notebook, there are different page types as well. Want to do some watercolor on a canvas? A few quick taps make it possible. Same goes if you then decide you’d rather write in pencil on lined journal paper.

Brainstorm: easily integrate images with notes

You can download Bamboo Paper for free to get access to a few notebooks and two pens, but it’s only $5.99 to upgrade to Pro – pocket change compared to Wacom’s other products and well worth the investment, in my opinion. My only criticism is the limited color palette, but there are plenty of hues to work with; some shades may just require a little old-fashioned color mixing.

As I begin taking on more freelance work, I plan to use Bamboo Paper as a home base for my ideas. Being able to seamlessly add images to pages and then export complete notebooks as PDF files will definitely come in handy while working with clients. Check out my first notebook here.

Get With It

I could probably go on and on about this app and its possibilites, but I’m itching to start another notebook. I highly recommend this app if you’re looking to put your touch screen to good use.

Just be careful about that whole “fingers falling off” thing. Seriously.

What other creative tools are your favorites to use for your freelancing/touch screen?

Content marketing! Social media! Graphic design – oh my! Let’s talk about how With It can help your brand.

What do you think?

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