Hello…It’s Me

I was wondering if, after all these (weeks), you’d like to meet…

Guess my blogging routine is now the bare minimum: trying to post at least once a month….

I can’t believe it’s already January 25th. The first month of the year has never felt fast to me, it usually drags along, making sure we get our fill of short days and bitter breezes. This is the first time I haven’t felt like I was just waiting January out (don’t even get me started on February).

2017 has already been eventful, which I’m okay with as long as we’re leaving out the despicable events unfolding in DC. I told myself I wouldn’t make this post political – so I’m going to stop right there.

Most of the past month have revolved around work, but that’s okay with me. I’m not turning into a workaholic by any means; I have multiple projects in the works, but I love doing them and they aren’t taking over my life.

I can stop anytime. I swear. But no, I really can – so don’t worry.


My “real job” is starting to ramp up and I’m getting more responsibility in my position. For instance, most of my days this week have revolved around solving a crisis where brochures were sent to offices in 70 different countries bearing a picture of a brown chicken while the brochure’s content is about white chickens.

While searching for a replacement image with a white chicken, I browsed a stock image website to see what they had. During my search, I found the terrifying yet enthralling image below.

Don’t blame me if you have nightmares.

May have edited this in Snapchat…

Of course, this series of events ended with the realization that maybe files were simply misplaced, meaning there was no real crisis just a few small errors that might have been fixed in a matter of minutes. That’s just the way it goes.

Next week, I will be attending a trade show for the first time. It’s all about chickens and the various ways to grow them and eat them: like a horror convention for vegans. While I can’t say I’m super stoked to talk about chickens all day, I can’t complain because I’ll be down in Atlanta where it’s warm.

I’m feeling more relaxed just as I think about it.


Once this trade show is over, I’ll have a day of RnR at home and then I’M GOING TO AMSTERDAM YEEEESSSS.

The corporation which acquired our office is headquartered in the Netherlands, so my boss and I are heading there for a week to meet with marketing communications employees from all over the world. This type of work is a dream come true for me – I honestly didn’t expect to be able to travel like this until I had a few years under my belt (the right kind of networking, where you treat people well and put the work in, can do wonders, people).

While headquarters are about an hour train ride outside of town, we will have plenty of time to explore Amsterdam. Obviously, I will be posting lots of pictures afterwards, just don’t expect any from the Red-Light District because:

  1. This is blog is rated PG-13
  2. I’ve been told that the district’s inhabitants throw cups of urine at photographers


In other news, my freelancing business has been taking off pretty well on the side. I’ve been lucky enough to sign onto a year-long retainer with a branding expert to market his training sessions about charisma (which you’ll start hearing about soon if you follow me on social media or know me in real life).

For this project, I’m helping develop a marketing strategy, running social media, and am even able to provide input in the developing of the program itself. This excellent side project is fun because I’m able to stretch and grow my skills through experimentation and off-the-wall ideas.

Not being confined to the branding guidelines of an international corporation is admittedly, pretty nice.

This YouTube video background is full of “charisma” *hint, hint*


Unfortunately, I’ve been forced to stop marketing my freelance business for the time being except for very small projects and the couple of contracts that have been in effect since last December.

Recently, I’ve had to turn down a few projects due to a lack of time and energy to take it all on. I hate having to do that, especially with student loan payments starting up, but I do take it positively as a sign of success.

The real bummer is that my 500 business cards came in AFTER signed onto all of these projects. Oh well, they don’t expire.

So many cards, so little time


Finally, I’m planning on beginning to look at apartments in Indy once I get back from the Netherlands. I’ve been saving money since graduation day (basically) to finally move out. Living at home hasn’t been terrible because my family is amazingly supportive, but I’m so ready to have my own space. It was hard leaving the apartment I had all to myself at Butler to return to my room at home, but I guess that’s just a step in God’s plan.

I’ll figure out what He’s up to someday…


That’s my whirlwind January in a nutshell. Be sure to check back for an update on my Journeys in February.

So, if you know of “must-do’s” in Amsterdam or any good deals on apartments around Indy, let me know in the comments ↓

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