I volunteered via Catchafire.org to help the Jimbere Fund team develop an updated branding and messaging strategy and re-write their website with a coherent story-line to reflect a new, narrowed mission focus (2017).

Jimbere Fund was established to alleviate poverty in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s founders are expatriates of the country who are seeking to create sustainable solutions to help rural communities, which have the greatest need.

When Jimbere Fund was founded, the goal was to help everyone living in impoverished conditions in Congo. As the organization matured, donors and the staff saw an opportunity to focus on mobilizing and investing in women-led businesses. Therefore, Jimbere Fund needed to revise its core mission and brand messaging, and special preference was given to website redevelopment.

I was extremely happy to be able to help this awesome organization plan out it’s next steps and am particularly proud of my content and layout contributions to their amazing new website messaging.

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Jimbere Fund is on a mission to mobilize, prepare, finance and launch women-led enterprises in rural communities of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our goal is to revitalize communities and lift people out of poverty in a sustainable way by creating jobs and stimulating local economies. We work with people in rural communities to identify business opportunities, and then support local women as they build robust enterprises and turn their ideas into reality.

We’re also dedicated to empowering women in Congo’s rural communities, who are most affected by extreme poverty and who have been victims of the country’s devastating wars, to achieve economic self-sufficiency. We firmly believe investing time and money in female entrepreneurs creates a ripple effect to benefit their families, communities, and Congo as a whole. To learn more, please visit their website.