Hello…It’s Me

I was wondering if, after all these (weeks), you'd like to meet... Guess my blogging routine is now the bare minimum: trying to post at least once a month.... I can’t believe it’s already January 25th. The first month of the year has never felt fast to me, it usually drags along, making sure we … Continue reading Hello…It’s Me

I’m On My Way

I'm not going to lie, 2016 hasn't been my favorite, and that's not even counting the drama of this election cycle. Yes, I've had many blessings and good times this year, but I also feel I've struggled more in these past 10 months than at any other time in my life. The optimist in me … Continue reading I’m On My Way

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Like many young adults, I've had my fair share of work experience in the service industry working as part of business models that put the customer first. Let me preface by stating that this is not a bad model - obviously you want to please the people paying you so they will continue to do so. … Continue reading The Customer Isn’t Always Right