Why Quote Boards Give Me Life

If you're like most people, you want to remember the good times in life. If you're like me, you want to remember the good times in life, but you don't have the drive to scrapbook or make any contact with the likes of glue or glitter. Sure, you'll put pictures into Facebook albums, allowing your … Continue reading Why Quote Boards Give Me Life

Seven-ish Tips For New RA’s

A new school year is beginning and for the first time in three years, I'm not checking residents into Ross Hall. It was strange this past Saturday, living vicariously through social media and watching move-in day unfold. I don't necessarily miss the long days of preparation for Welcome Week, but I definitely do miss all … Continue reading Seven-ish Tips For New RA’s


It's been waaaay too long since I've posted anything, but between the job search, illness, and other miscellaneous adventures it's easy to fall behind on blogging. Oh well, that's life and I'm back, so let's go. While I have a couple of rather in-depth posts in the works, I haven't been able to polish and publish them … Continue reading Neatflix

Just For Sh**s and Giggles

Welcome to my warped and wonderful imagination. Having recently followed a new blog on Tumblr titled "writing-prompt-s", I now have a source for many playful and weird ideas for stories. For my first attempt, I've decided to try the following, interesting prompt: "You keep getting randomly pulled out of your daily life back to the year … Continue reading Just For Sh**s and Giggles

My Bathroom is Orange & Other Fun Facts

Whenever I'm preparing for an application or interview of any kind, I like to think of weird, relevant facts about my life that will make me be more memorable, describe my experiences, and provide points of interest that could spark some sort of relationship. Sometimes it can be hard to think of fun facts, so … Continue reading My Bathroom is Orange & Other Fun Facts