Touch Screen Creativity: Your Fingers Might Fall Off

Ah, touch screens. The beautiful simplicity - cutting out the middle-men of mice and buttons that for so long got between us and our digital work spaces. We never knew we needed touch screens until we got them: then there was no going back. Especially for creatives. While Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard … Continue reading Touch Screen Creativity: Your Fingers Might Fall Off

I’m On My Way

I'm not going to lie, 2016 hasn't been my favorite, and that's not even counting the drama of this election cycle. Yes, I've had many blessings and good times this year, but I also feel I've struggled more in these past 10 months than at any other time in my life. The optimist in me … Continue reading I’m On My Way

Prisma: Become an iPhone Artist

Got a selfie you're really proud of? Think landscape pics taken on your phone are museum quality? If so, Prisma is the app for you. Its one and only purpose is to make your photographs into works of art and I can't tell you how much fun I've had with it. My social media followers … Continue reading Prisma: Become an iPhone Artist


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Where I’ve Been: Art/Design

As I'm beginning a new chapter of my life, and literally a new website, it's prime time to reflect back on pieces of the past which led up to the present: most notably, for this post, the evolution of my love for art and design. Art and 2-D design has always been a sort of … Continue reading Where I’ve Been: Art/Design