Seven-ish Tips For New RA’s

A new school year is beginning and for the first time in three years, I'm not checking residents into Ross Hall. It was strange this past Saturday, living vicariously through social media and watching move-in day unfold. I don't necessarily miss the long days of preparation for Welcome Week, but I definitely do miss all … Continue reading Seven-ish Tips For New RA’s

A Weekend in Loo-ah-vul

Or Louie-ville or Lolla-vul, however you feel like pronouncing it. I went there this past weekend with my sister, aunt, cousin, and second cousin and had a blast. The drought my blog has suffered these past weeks is at an end! It's been a while since I've gotten to write a travel post (or been … Continue reading A Weekend in Loo-ah-vul

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Like many young adults, I've had my fair share of work experience in the service industry working as part of business models that put the customer first. Let me preface by stating that this is not a bad model - obviously you want to please the people paying you so they will continue to do so. … Continue reading The Customer Isn’t Always Right


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U.K. – Round 1

Since I keep writing about how much I love traveling, I wanted to take some time to touch on my first international trip, which sparked my fascination. If you can imagine a group of 40 American 14-year-olds packed into hotels, planes, coaches, and British and Irish cities, then (a.) you might want to see a … Continue reading U.K. – Round 1